The Editorial has been created with the aim of giving space to artistic and curatorial practices that employ queer and feminist methodologies to explore gender, sexuality, sex, race, bodies, (dis)ability, ecology, pleasure, desire and much more.

We encourage the expression of diversity in all artistic forms, with an attention towards performative and participatory work. We intend to collect written and visual counter-narratives with a concentration on censored, erased, forgotten, radical or under-represented practices, artists, writers or collectives. We are particularly interested in work which is made with diverse spaces and broader publics in mind; work which might not fit comfortably or is excluded from the commercial art world, museums and leading institutions; work which will, as a result, seek the appropriate press channels.

This newly created section will offer articles, features, reviews, interviews, visual stories and more, for an alternative reading of contemporary artistic manifestations. Our aim is to critically engage with art practices and artists in a way that navigates between the domains of theory to journalism and even auto/biographical work.

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Kayleigh O'Keefe - Sublimity

Kayleigh O’Keefe Video Interview

From the early experimental videos to the most recent performances, Kayleigh O'Keefe's work defies body stereotypes and sexual normative behaviours to combine fat positivity, feminine empowerment, auto-biography and surreal aesthetics in a unique, colour-infused body of work. Filming: Lauren Angelk... Read More...

The Istanbul Queer Art Collective in London

“Sameness is what every oppressive system is trying to create, including the military as well as heteronormativity. And queer is basically a stance against this sameness” Tuna Erdem and Seda Ergul, co-founders of the Istanbul Queer Art Collective, talk with Diana Georgiou about politics, protest, c... Read More...

Low Stakes: A Micro Festival opens this weekend in London

On the eve of Low Stakes: A Micro Festival, opening this weekend in London, Cuntemporary’s editor Jessica Karlsen speaks to the festival’s organisers, Edythe Woolley and Jack Ellis. Jessica Karlsen: Tell me about Low Stakes, what can we expect? Low Stakes: Chaos!... It’s a two-day festival, show... Read More...