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DEEP TRASH in the Underworld Trailer | CUNTemporary

The trailer for DEEP TRASH in the Underworld is now out!

Featuring performances by Cat Boettcher + Nick Kilby, Ellis D., FoxGlove, Istanbul Queer Art Collective, Ivan Monteiro aka Tropikahl Pussy, Lady Vendredi, Sebastian H-W, Venom Black Widow, Wingshan Smith.

VENUE: Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club

DATE: 21 October 2017 (upcoming event: 10 February 2018)
VIDEO by Kassandra Productions
[trailer musical score: Kasey Riot – Reverie (Original Mix)].

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Check out the PHOTO ALBUMS: PERFORMING THE OCCULT: Magick, Rituals and the Monstrous in Live Art (19 October, Queen Mary University) & DEEP TRASH in the Underworld (21 October, Bethnal Green Woking Men’s Club), as part of the Deep Trash live art programme.
Supported by Arts Council England.