Dear CUNTemporaries…

We are building you an interactive calendar where you can personally post events related to queer and feminist practices and theories taking place in the whole of the UK and not just in London. We are also going to upload the last 2 years of events that we have recorded in London, in order to create an interactive, searchable and continuously expanding archive under a single umbrella.

It turns out that in London, in a span of 24 months, we have recorded over 400 events that addressed the intersections of art, queer and feminism. While this data clearly demonstrates that there is a vibrant and rigorous intellectual and artistic output by our community, it also means that Cuntemporary has a lot of work to do.

Our team is dedicating their limited access to time and resources to pull this challenging and enormous website together. In the meantime, we have prepared our about section here and a list of our previous events here.

While we keep you waiting, you can follow the listings on Facebook and Twitter.